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Indefinite Hiatus

Askbox & submit box are closed pleasse do not send any themes questions on my personal blog. Thanks. See you soon (or not).

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Hey, thanks for doing everything you're doing even though people are quite rude about it. That's some pretty impressive willpower not to snap.

ASKED BY Anonymous.

thanks for the support dear. people can be really annoying, fortunately there are also nice people like you :)

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if your name is not jason why is your username themesbyjasondilaurents?

ASKED BY Anonymous.

because jasondilaurents used to be my url on my main blog when i started creating themes… 

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enchantinglythemes and themesbyjasondilaurents are my idols c:

ASKED BY wonderfullythemes.
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i was looking through your themes, and i cant believe someone would actually request for them to be the only one to use the theme, that's selfish as fuck. plus, why would you even add it? such a tease.

ASKED BY Anonymous.

I don’t see what’s wrong since it’s a option I gave them. If they ask for a unique theme they should have the choice to share it with everyone or not. There’s nothing selfish in that.

I published them to show my work, so that people see what I can do. This way when I was still taking request they knew what I could do and they could ask for some features.

I don’t even know why I’m writing all of this because it is none of your business, again if you don’t like it you’re free to leave.
It is my blog, my themes, my work and my choices. I don’t have any obligation to share anything especially with people like you. 

When I get this kind of messages in my ask all I want to do is stop making themes.

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Hi, sorry to bother. You're themes are amazing. In your last theme, is there anyway I can make more than 4 links? :) Thank you.

ASKED BY Anonymous.

Yes of course, check out the faq on how to add more links. If you don’t manage to do it come off anon please.

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Using #21 my fave so far. Keep forgetting to send asks,but at least I keep your credit link up. ^_^

ASKED BY 80srockqueen.

Thank you dear, I love what you made of the theme :)

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Are you sure you didn't delete the question? Did you delete any questions at all?

ASKED BY Anonymous.

Who do you think you are to call me a liar? I said I didn’t delete it.

It’s none of yout business but if you took the time to read the damn FAQ instead of hiding behind a grey face, you’d know that I delete every question that has already been answered.

If you’re not happy with that, you’re free to leave.

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Hello! As many of you know, there’s possible to use the tumblr booleans (aka checkboxes) to make it possible to choose between two post widths. When I learnt about the tumblr drop-down lists I wanted to take it one step further from just two post widths and make it possible to choose bewteen a larger number of layout styles with one simple choice, not several checkboxes.

In this tutorial I’m going to show you how to make a theme with multiple post widths using drop-down lists. Here’s a preview of what it might look like when it’s done.

I will try to be as detailed as possible when I explain but I still think that this tutorial requires a basic understanding of HTML and CSS. But feel free to ask me if I’m not clear enough in any part!

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Hi, I sent a question to you earlier about the size of things and I guess it got deleted. I have read through everything, but I still have an issue, I am using your themes Theme 24 and The Mad Hatter, and I dont want to have a single colored background, but an image, I know how to add the image, but I dont know the correct size for it so it doesnt tile. I checked both themes and it doesnt seem to tell anywhere... Hope you answer this, and not delete it.

ASKED BY Anonymous.

How can you say I deleted when I never got it???

ps: the background size depends on YOUR screen resolution not mine… So there’s nothing to explain………..

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